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Children's Picture Books

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The Secret of a Mommy's Love

is now available on at The Secret of a Mommy's Love and through the Family Hospice of Belleville website.

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The Secret of a Mommy's Love

The Secret of a Mommy's Love is a sweet story of how Jesus grows a mother's love when a new baby is coming to a family.  Written in collaboration with Ellen's five oldest grandchildren about the birth of her youngest, the book describes the children's journey to uncover a special secret about how a mommy's love works.

The secret was first shared by Doris Krohne, Ellen's mother-in-law, when Ellen and her husband were expecting their second child, and the book is dedicated in Doris' memory.

Published in March 2021, the book is illustrated by Martina Terzi, an Italian illustrator who currently lives in Denmark.

Unlike Ellen's other two books, whose topic is grief, this book is a joyful one to read to your little ones.  Ellen hopes you will pass the special secret of how a mommy's love works on to those you love.   

She is pictured here with her six grandchildren, the "stars" of the book.  Each spread holds a special "Easter egg" hidden for you and your little ones to find.  Enjoy!

Proceeds from this book are also donated to Heartlinks Grief Center, a program of Family Hospice in Belleville, IL.

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